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"Don’t tell me words don’t matter. I have a dream – just words words. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal – just words. We have nothing to fear but fear itself – just words, just speeches." Barack Obama

Words do matter.

As a company with a mission to turn learning into a habit, a company which prides itself for helping professionals all over the world find and share their unique voice - we know: Words matter.

We're looking for a lead copywriter who will establish and lead Jolt's voice - over emails, marketing materials, and product micro-copy.

About Yourself

Your a natural multidisciplinary wordsmith who LOVES writing and have been doing it in different frameworks for years. You're native to American English and are able to create texts for various purposes - from marketing materials, to poems, to scripts. You are as excited to perfect an email to a client as you are to define the messaging for a game-changing product launch.

What will you actually do?

In this cross-functional role you'll work with marketers, product manager and community managers to lead the effort of defining Jolt's voice and bring it to life. You will conceive, develop, and produce effective campaigns and content throughout the company..

Create copy deliverables for product features, landing pages, system and community emails, in-product messaging, product marketing materials, micro copy and ad copy.

Translate strategic directives from creative briefs into powerful and impactful communications.

Refine, document, and champion Jolt voice and tone

Write clear, persuasive, compelling and original copy, headlines, tag-lines and calls to action to engage Jolt's community.


Personal Requirements

You're a knowledge-addict who gets genuinely excited about great content and clever copy. You were writing since forever and are competent in various types of writing - from prose to non-fiction. You believe there isn't a question you can't answer if you're given a computer and a few hours to research. In real life, you're impatient to slow-doers, sophisticated in your arguments and classy in style. You know how to talk your way into everything and feel like given the right stage, your words could change the world.

Professional Requirements

Native American English speaker

2+ years experience working as a writer at an ad agency, a startup, a brand consultancy agency, a strategic marketing agency, or a similar field.

Has written 100s of different emails to clients and is familiar with best practices for increasing open rates & click rates.

Experienced in developing copy/concept from inception through completion.

Highly organized, communicative and with great attention to details.

Has Excellent team/collaboration skills.

Portfolio of work that includes both brand communication and product projects or links to your work live on the web.

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