Workshop Instructor (Freelance)

Telecommute · Israel · Content


We're looking for recognized experts willing to allocate at least 3 hours a month to share their knowledge.

In this opportunity, talented workshop instructors who can deliver meaningful, effective 3-hour training sessions about the cutting edge topics taught in Jolt - will be invited to deliver at least one workshop every month to an audience of up to 15 top professionals in campuses both in Tel-Aviv and New-York city.

The content will be delivered live using video conference - so you can do it from the comfort of your own home.


As part of our sorting process, you'll receive valuable speakers coaching by world-class speaking coachers (who also train TED speakers) and perfect the art of delivering workshops through live video conference.

We're looking for people to deliver workshops in the following topics:


We pay a fixed fee of $300 per remote session

Commitment required for at least one workshop every month.

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