Sales Associate (Full time or part time)

Tel Aviv District, Israel


At Jolt we help professionals to get the best out of their careers, to evolve vertically or horizontally and to make a significant difference in their lives.

We are looking for a salesperson with an orientation for career consulting who will work with potential and existing students in order to help them undergo a professional transformative process and leverage their set of skills.

You are:

The perfect combination of a person who is both an extraordinary salesman, that can sell anything to anyone and mostly, a people's person. One who has the ability to read people in a heartbeat and to advise others on the right career path for him from his own life experience, based on the plans Jolt has to offer.

You have to be this someone, that when you talk about things that are important to you, you promote them with enthusiasm. You are independent and you have motivation to succeed and you want to sell a product you really believe in.

The work includes:

- Closing sales deals- 20% conversion rate.

- Application & Admission- evaluating candidates who wish to join Jolt programs and community.

- Career and content counseling.

- Up-sale- upgrades of existing programs.

- Assistance in the development of sales methods and career counseling of the company.

- The consultation will be conducted in several channels - phone calls, video calls and 1X1 meetings.

* Open to English and Hebrew speakers.


You have:


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