Remote Instructor - Hiring Processes

London, England, United Kingdom · Team Jolters · 141012019


Jolt is expanding its international community of speakers, and is looking to hire accomplished professionals in the field of HIRING PROCESSES who are passionate about sharing their knowledge & experience.

Ideally, the instructor can speak of processes, methods & tools relating to Hiring Processes. This knowledge should be applied to empower the students to own these aspects of their work, from creating a job posting to interviewing candidates, coming up with home-assignments and assessing applicants' performance.

Jolt builds innovative co-learning spaces where professionals learn together from world-class instructors. Jolt members are part of a global tribe of lifelong learners, they up-skill themselves through short and effective sessions that are incorporated in to their weekly routine. The sessions are led by recognized industry experts, and are designed to be engaging, conversational & memorable.

Upon completing the 5-day training process, you will be offered an annual contract that ranges between $10-$15K USD / year, that's consisted of delivering Jolts: hands-on lessons that last 90 minutes at a rate of $120 USD per session.

The training will focus on turning YOUR knowledge into lessons, with help from our support team.

Among other things, you will receive training on he latest pedagogic technics, learn how to work with advanced teaching aids and get Speaker & Content Development workshops, as well as Copywriting and Design-For-Non-Designers lessons, all with the aim to build you in to a full-stack professional in your field.



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