Support Associate



Jolters - Jolt's instructors - are world class professionals who deliver classes through Jolt. We're looking for a smart, communicative person to be their point of contact.

Become a major point of contact for all Jolters- Jolt's international community of teachers. Be responsible for real time tech support, success and other operations on all touch points of Jolters with the Jolt platform. Manage and supervise all technical issues related to web live broadcasting of learning sessions. Become an expert in Eyelevel™, Jolt's video platform, and create training materials to share with Jolters.

You are

People oriented, strong in all forms of communications. You dig into details and are very thorough in everything you do. You are not afraid of technology and new systems and tools. You are a fast thinker, fast learner and a good teacher.

You will

Get to work with the most interesting people in the world

Build a strong global network

Recognize and solve problems on a daily basis

Be independent and encouraged to lead projects



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