Full stack developer

Tel Aviv District, Israel


Who are you?

You’re a developer– and not to sound too presumptuous, but quite a good one too. You’re used to learning new things independently, and some people refer to you as an unofficial expert (unofficially). You have the unique ability to take an idea and turn it into reality, and when you have an idea, you’re excited to share it with everyone you know until it’s contagious. But something’s always been missing. Although you have hidden skills that you’re secretly proud of, you don’t have the opportunity to use them in your day-to-day work because you feel that they have nothing to do with web development. So instead, you bury them deep down and don’t mention them in job interviews or team discussions.

Why should you work with us?

To be honest, it isn’t as if you can use your love for modern jazz dance in your day-to-day development hustle. But we believe your ability to drive people and deconstruct large problems into smaller solvable ones, is key to being a good developer.

We’re a small team, and we intend to keep it that way. This means you’ll have input on the product development and roadmap direction. Not to mention, our team is downright exceptional and can teach you a thing or two about design, coding, and puns.


Bonus: Previous experience with a native mobile environment (React Native), such as iOS or Android

Our stack

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Please include a 200-400 word short answer to the following prompt: What’s the next thing you’re interested in learning?

Note: Doesn’t necessarily have to be coding related (i.e. oceanic caves, design thinking, ornithology, etc.)

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