Regional Director, UK

London, England, United Kingdom



Jolt builds a network of innovative learning spaces where professionals learn together from world-class instructors. Jolt members upskill themselves through short and effective learning sessions as part of their weekly routine, and are part of a global tribe of lifelong learners.

As we start expanding globally, and are looking for a strong business leader to lead all of Jolts commercial efforts in the UK.

The Bottom Line

We’re looking for an accomplished, highly-networked executive with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to lead Jolt’s commercial efforts in the UK. This includes overseeing all of the region’s sales, operations, community, expansion and marketing efforts, lead commercial initiatives to meet sales and retention goals, recognize and pursue business opportunities and expand Jolt’s spread in London and the UK. This position requires strong business background with experience in marketing, operations and commercial management. Experience running a highly operational / retail / live events / education business is a plus.


This full-time position is based in London. The right candidate will present strong marketing and leadership skills, a passion for learning and facilitating learning, and a keen eye for new opportunities. As the Regional Director, you will be reporting to Jolt’s COO.

You will be:



You could be the person for the job if you have previously led or taken a meaningful part in creating a regional headquarters for an international tech or consumer brand. Or perhaps you are currently working as a COO or in a VP position for a B2C start-up in the UK with live, daily operations in real life - such as a co-working space, tech conference company, or consumer brand.

You’ll have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, so we need someone with impeccable integrity who is flexible, dependable, responsible and empathetic. Exceptional organisational skills and multitasking abilities are a must for this fast-paced role. You should also be familiar with both the start-up ecosystem and daily happenings in and around London. A talent for getting the job done - no matter the cost - is critical. You should be a practical, creative, quick-thinker, with excellent problem-solving, critical-thinking, and analytical skills, constantly on your feet and aware that others are counting on you.

You have:

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