Haifa's operational lead

Haifa, Haifa District, Israel


Just a year ago we opened Jolt’s first campus in Rothschild St. in Tel Aviv.

In 2019 we plan on opening many campuses in Israel so that people will be able to be part of Jolt’s community.

What does it mean?

We take 30 square meters and making it THE place for more than 1000 ambitious professionals that will be able to learn from world-class instructors.

We are looking for the first Jolt operator in Haifa city.

You are:

A positive, friendly, service-oriented individual with an insatiable thirst for learning. You’re highly organized and believe perfection is found in the smallest of details. You love meeting new people, offering your help when needed and have excellent customer success skills. You know a lot of people, and always thinking about ideal opportunities between yourself and them. You have the “management” type of personality.

Your day to day work will include:

- Building and developing the community of Jolt in Haifa city

- Finding the locations for Jolt’s campuses in Haifa

- Running Jolt’s campus, recruiting room operators and manage them

- Creating special opportunities for community engagements, as well as producing community events

- Networking and opportunity identification

- Handling logistics and administration

This job is a little bit of everything- it includes community management, customer success, managing, operations, and marketing.

- This position includes massive training at Jolt when you will have the opportunity to learn about the startup world.


- At least 1 year of experience of customer service (customer care)

- At least 1 year of experience working for or with a technological organization (startup / tech company / Technological IDF unit)

- Strong verbal and written communication skills

- Excellent English

- Extra points for:


Other than meeting Haifa’s smartest, most interesting individuals on a daily basis, you'll be able to spend A LOT of your time participating in live lessons delivered by the world's top professionals. This is a great position for naturally curious people who LOVE to learn.

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