Marketing regional lead (UK)

London, England, United Kingdom



Through our continuous education platform, we challenge the geographic privilege of learning; bringing people together in local learning clubs where they learn from remote, world-class instructors.

Jolt is more of a movement than a regular start-up, which means that we strive to build a brand that touches people’s lives, empowers them to evolve and advance, and goes to the core of their identities.

The Bottom Line

We’re looking for a visionary corporate communicator with a proven track record of success, to take part in the creation of a movement.


This full-time position is based in London and requires that you have excellent corporate communication skills and the ability to make others feel our passion for learning. As the Marketing Manager, you will report to Jolt’s Regional Director..

You will be:



This role is made for someone who is wired for success; a self-starter and natural leader who is just as comfortable completing projects from A to Z as they are collaborating with team members and departments. Concise and effective communication is your obsession; you admire a well-turned phrase and you never miss an Oxford comma. You are focused and driven, and keen to get the job not only done, but done well.

You intuitively know that the corporate culture of previous generations is ill-suited to the millennial workforce. And because you are more about revolutions than evolutions anyway, the challenge of facilitating generational change doesn’t scare you - it excites you. You always wanted to build a movement - and reading this job description makes you feel like this could be your big chance.

You have:

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