Product Designer

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel · Product


We’re looking for an 8-arms-design-octopus with an unreasonable passion to making things look and feel perfect. Your work will include UX and UI aspects of the product, create a better experience and help build a a strong brand that connects a global community of exceptional people. Your day to day will include working closely with a senior product designer so a love for team work is a must. You will be working internationally With our teams in TLV, SF and NYC, You will be working with R&D to fanatically make sure they’re PIXEL-Perfect in building your designs, and you will have impact over every aspect of the company’s visual identity.


Personal Requirements

You’re a pixel-perfect, timeless, passionate designer who always seek to learn, grow and develop. You keep up with all the latest trends and adapt them to your own signature-style. Your brain works like a snapchat filter - you can’t help but automatically redesign everything you see. You like controlling the entire design process, and making sure the products doesn’t only look great - but also works wonderfully and delivers a delightful experience. You never fall in love with your designs and always think you could have done better next time. You’re open to hearing feedback from other people and think that while “visually pleasing” is subjective, quality is absolute. You truthfully believe that the way products look, are perceived and imagined has a crucial part in their success.

Professional Requirements

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