Architect, Experience Design

Tel Aviv District, Israel


What if you were given an opportunity to design the way people learn from scratch?

We're looking for an experienced Architect to plan, design and optimize the classroom of the future.

As Jolt’s experience architect, you’ll be the product manager responsible for Jolt’s campus experience. At Jolt, we work to reimagine adult learning, as part of our mission to create a true alternative to higher education. As Jolt’s experience designer, you’ll lead all real-world aspects of our product - designing and optimizing all aspects of our urban campuses, where professionals congregate for cinematic learning experience.

The role will include:

  1. Inventing, designing and optimizing solutions for Jolt’s campuses around the world
  2. Leading the design and construction of new campuses
  3. Dealing with all aspects of inventing and designing Jolt’s campus experience, including dealing with:
    1. Furniture design
    2. Room layout
    3. Lighting
    4. Audio
    5. Video
    6. Acoustics
    7. IT
  4. Finding and contracting the world’s greatest talents in product design, IT, material design and motion graphics.

For this job we’re looking for a highly talented, interdisciplinary designer with passion & experience in creating commercial experiences that include audio-visual aspects. The perfect candidate will have experience designing digital meeting rooms, home cinemas or theatres, along with a strong passion for multimedia, technology, and experience design.



Our process is highly discrete and is also a great fit for designers and architects who wish to move from agency work to focusing and owning a single, powerful mission.

We’ll be sorting candidates based on relevant experience & portfolio - so please include all materials you think will help us make a decision. Final candidates will be invited to present a creative presentation of their vision to the classroom of the future - a vision they’ll be invited to execute should they be chosen for the part.


If you feel your portfolio may not help you make the cut, or if you may not meet our basic requirements, but still feel passionate about this mission and think you’re the right person for the job, you’re welcome to take a shortcut and ask us to present without pre-screening. We’ll be giving 4 slots for shorter presentations by external candidates to allow unorthodox talent discovery.


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