Instructional Content Developer Associate

San Francisco, California, United States



Your mission will be to implement, continually improve and preserve Jolt's global community of highly vetted speakers (Jolters). You will develop and execute repeatable processes for the creation of in-demand knowledge with the world's most interesting professionals and assist in co-managing a thriving community of speakers. Your work will be of central importance to cultivating Jolt’s core mission and assets.

You Are:

A people person (with a scientific mind). You were in a youth movement since you can remember yourself. You have the ability to make things happen from scratch. You take pride in the work you produce and the work you help others produce. You love communicating and you’re at your best while empowering others. You are not afraid of numbers and know how to translate discussions to gantt charts and organized process. You love to approach things in a way that’s never been done before and are energized by progress. You thrive in autonomy.

You Will:

You will be working closely (like, seriously 1:1) with some of the world's best professionals and helping to build the platform that will help them to structure, present, and share their knowledge - at scale. You will build scalable processes for vetting and training speakers. You will participate in talks, give feedback, and coach executives from Fortune 500 companies. You will implement and co-create ongoing standards and structures for Jolt’s talks. This includes facilitating the creation and curation of the most relevant content. You will help find Masterful teachers, train them and schedule their Jolt’s (talks). You will lay the groundwork for organic communities to evolve from - enabling continual learning to happen at global scale.

Overall, you will oversee the content creation, packaging, and offering of Jolt’s core product - live Jolt’s (interactive learning talks) from the world’s best professionals.


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