About Jolt

We’re a fast-moving, highly motivated startup team located in San Francisco and Tel-Aviv.

Jolt is a marketplace for LIVE content sessions (pre-launched). Teams around the world use Jolt to continuously acquire relevant knowledge for their employees, while creating a culture of learning and keeping up with latest trends. Our community of exceptional professionals from companies like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, LYFT, Oracle, as well as independent thought leaders, share their unique perspectives around the world, bringing fresh, current knowledge and trends to each company - whether in person or online.

Working at Jolt

As a company with a mission to revolutionize employee growth and development, we see extreme importance in growing and developing our own team members. We don’t have beer taps, pool tables or yoga classes; we prefer investing our resources in sending our employees to the best courses and giving them incredible tools to pursue their life missions and achieve their personal and professional goals. We see working at Jolt as one chapter in your life, and therefore we have a clear goal to send you back to the market better than you were when you joined.

Current openings

No open jobs at this moment